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The best fat burner weight loss pill out there?

I’ve been diagnosed with High blood pressure and I’ve been taking pills to regulate it since giving birth almost 3yrs ago. I’ve tried to lose weight but I can only lose 10lbs and then it comes back. Recently I gave blood at a annual check up. They told me I have prediabetes. That’s my life. I’ve been working out everyday little by little. I’ve changed the way I eat. I’ve eliminated starches. And it’s so hard because I love pasta, rice and rice. Been replacing with brown rice, quinoa, salad and couscous. I’ve been trying to eat more fruits Instead of candy, cookies and ice cream. It’s extremely hard. I love chocolate and sour candy. I just desperately need to lose weight . My mother keeps coming down on me about being here for my daughter and losing the weight before I’m 40. Anyone have any pill suggestions that worked for them. With minimum side affects. Thanks 

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    There isn't a weight loss drug out there that really works and is safe. You need to keep with your diet and exercise. It will become easier over time. A little dark chocolate once in a while isn't bad for you. Keep up with your exercise (lots of videos on YouTube and your health insurance may offer some as well). Don't get discouraged. Concentrate on foods you like that will fit in on your diet and make some swaps for the ones that don't fit. Bread and cheese are my downfalls. I cut them back severely but didn't eliminate them entirely.

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    Instead of using pills simply do exercise, running, eat good food

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    There are none........

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  • 1 month ago

    No pills work for this. All you can do is eat a lot less and walk as much as possible. Try thinking of full blown diabetes with needles. That might encourage you.

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  • 1 month ago

    There is no miracle pill. Most of those pills either don't work or have nasty side effects (Hydroxycut gets pulled from the shelves almost every year and replaced by a new product because they discover the issues with using it long term after people start complaining).

    I know you don't want to hear it, but what you're doing is the correct and proper way to do things. It's hard, but it's safer and it leads you to lifestyle changes which is what will really cause results.

    It's ok to treat yourself while you're on a diet. Restricting everything all the time is going to cause you to slide backward.

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