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I'm traveling to Montreal soon. Should I be myself and be nice, or should I take 4chan's advice and be an *sshole?

I'm generally a nice and adventerous person, and I'm keen on learning some French. But I've come across a site called 4chan (pol) where swearing, racism and homophobia are "amazing" and where the posters are "legends."

So should I be myself, be courteous and practice my French? Or should I follow 4chan and speak only English, be unpleasant, call the men "french f*ggots" the women "fat feminist barnyard animals" and some Haitians "n*ggers?"

I'd really hate to do the latter, but 4chan is tempting me. Please help.......

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    Wasn't 4chan just ironically awful at one point?

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  • 1 month ago

    WHY on earth would anyone want to be an a**hole at all? I have never understood that. WHy ruin a nice vacation? Why insult people? Why be a jerk? And why if normally that is not you? Would you like to be treated like that? Geesh

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    It's always best to pick up a little French. You don't have to be fluent in the language. I have been to several different countries, and found speaking some of the language of the country I was in helped make friends, even though I got lots of laughs from my pronunciation. There are travel books you can pick up with simple questions and answers in the language of the country or city your going to visit.  

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