Who has worse drivers in total China or American in safety and rules in use ?

They say that China cities are safer in violence and crimes but what about roads for bicyclist and pedestrian safety in the country .

I know Denmark and Netherlands is the best for that .

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    China being so heavily populated is bound to have heavy volume of vehicles on the road as well as traffic.

    With that, Chinese roads can't be fast. The cars are driven at quite a slow speed. 

    So an accident or collision there, isn't going to cause much harm.

    But in US being reckless is the norm -- you see it all the time. Very aggressive motorists almost everywhere. And there aren't that many cops to enforce traffic laws.

    So an accident is going to be far more dangerous in US that will result in significant vehicle body damage at minimum.

    I hope that answers the question

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  • 1 month ago

    There are bad drivers everywhere, but some countries make it more difficult and/or expensive to get a license (and some even require retesting every few years).  I'm in the US, and I regularly see people who have no business driving. 

    The other day I was going through an intersection and had a guy just drive through the red without stopping - like it wasn't even there (the car in front of me had already cross the intersection to give you an idea of how long it had been red for).  His driver's side door was smashed, so it probably wasn't the first time he had done this (and was just lucky I was paying attention).

    A few weeks ago, I watched a car come around a corner and pull into an oncoming traffic lane.  I flashed my headlights at them, and they moved back into the center turn lane (but just kept driving down it).  I did a u-turn, pulled up next to them (as they continued to drive down the center lane) and motioned for the woman in the passenger seat to roll down the window.  I mentioned that they seemed to be having some difficulty - and she said 'oh, he can't see very well'.

    I called the police on both, but I doubt anything was done in either case.

    When I ride a bicycle, I usually try to stay off the street - but when I'm forced to be on the road with cars I will ride against traffic so I can see what is coming.  I ride a mountain bike with on/offroad tires (with a road rib) so I can easily cut through grass, jump on/off curbs/sidwalks, etc. and go more or less anywhere.

    I also ride a motorcycle, and I was told years ago to ride like I'm invisible (so I'm not surprised when someone cuts me off or starts to ease into my lane while I'm in it), but after 30 years of riding, now I pretend like people are actively *trying* to hit me, that way I'm  not surprised when someone comes across three lanes of traffic and stands up on their brakes right in front of me, or eases across the double-yellow on a curve into my lane.

    • Carlos1 month agoReport

      I drive , walk , cycle there good and crappy drivers that need no license out there be good

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