New Parents, need some guidance.?

We are new parents and blessed with a baby boy who is 5 months and half. So there are times the baby sleeps perfect at night but at times he likes to fight his sleep and usually fall asleep at 1/2am.... this is our baby’s schedule. Should we change it or fix some things around. 

9Am 6 ounce bottle 

12pm nap time 

Usually 30 mins to an 1 hour or 2 hour max!

1:30pm wake up 

1:45pm 6ounce bottle. 

2:00pm plays with walker or 15 mins tummy time. 

3:00pm nap time 

5:00pm Wakes Up

5:30pm feeding time 6ounce

9-10pm we start putting him to sleep but this is were we either fail or succeed. He will fall asleep and wake up in 30mins be awake until 1 or 2am or falls asleep and wake up at 7 or 9am. 

What I don’t like is that he fights his sleep so much until 1/2am it be irritating. But I feel like he is overtired or missing something and we are just missing it. What can we do to succeed a good schedule and night time schedule. 

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    First of all, did you forget to mention some bottles? I count only three, totalling 18 ounces, spaced pretty far apart. I'd offer at least 6 more ounces (and more if baby is hungry), adding a bottle before bedtime. And since baby is going pretty long between bottles it might be a good idea to offer a slightly smaller bottle a bit more often.

    As for your schedule, your baby is still pretty young. It's fine to have some idea in your head of what your day's typically looks like, but don't expect your baby to follow a rigid schedule. His needs can change at any time, wrecking your schedule. It's best to roll with it until a new more or less stable rhythm emerges. 

    However that doesn't mean you can't tweak the rhythm to fit your and your family's needs. What I would do is try to shift everything to an earlier time. 9 is pretty late to start the day. I would start the day around 7, even if that means waking up baby. Start with a bottle, and offer the next one three-ish hours later. So that gets you a bottle roughly around 7AM, 10AM, 1PM, 4PM and 7PM. And then off to bed.

    Which doesn't mean that's it for the night. Even for a baby who has been sleeping through the night it is perfectly normal to go back to needing a night feed for a while. I wouldn't fight that, just keep the environment in 'night mode', dim and quiet. Boring, even. Night time is not play time. 

    If you move everything earlier you can obviously expect naps to shift as well. Follow his lead, within reason of course. You may want to limit his afternoon nap to about an hour, possibly adding an earlier nap to avoid him getting overtired. 

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