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Writing a song?

I don’t necessarily know how to explain this but I have some type of writers block.. like I know what I want to write my song about but I just don’t know how to word it out. Has anyone experienced this before? If so, please give me some advice 

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    This happens with every kind of writing, so I've been there and gotten the T-shirt many times. Every writer has.

    The trick, which is not a trick at all, is to lower your expectations. Give yourself blanket permission to write utter crap. In lyrics, go ahead and write something that doesn't work with the rhythm of the music, that doesn't rhyme, that's trite and predictable, that uses horrible English. (cf. Paul McCartney's "...the world in which we live in...")

    Why write something you know is just awful? Because something awful can be made better, by revising and rewriting.

    You don't have to show it to anybody until it's decent, so go write it as crappy as it comes out.

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    Write down whatever ideas you have now, put it away for a while then go back to it again and re-write it with whatever new ideas you've come up with until you're satisfied. Many son writers and composers re-write all the time. Many classical composers re-wrote their symphonies over and over  until they were pleased with the work.

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    Never had this problem but you just need to develop the idea more so you know exactly what you want to write. Plan it. Know the subject, the style and what topic/s you want in it and the emotion you want to invoke with it.

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