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I broke up with my bf. Idk if I regret it or not?

So two days ago, he told me that he started losing romance in the relationship and he wasn’t thinking of breaking up but instead to stay with me longer to see if that feeling will come back. Today, I wanted to address something further to him about if he’s feeling like our relationship is lust or not And he replied yeah but he’s not so sure. We had our romance before but now, he thinks that we’re more friends than a couple. I told him that I don’t think I can do it anymore thinking of the fact that he was lusting all this time. But I’m not so sure if he was. I’m so mixed between lust and love because I just now heard that romance isn’t love but more of a trust and growth. We trust each other and we do grow but somehow, I think there was a misunderstanding bc we don’t know what we feel. I still don’t understand what love or lust is... I kinda regret it and I kinda don’t, so are there any thoughts? Should I text him back to see if our ‘love‘ was real?

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    If you were sure you loved him you would not doubt it and you would never end the relationship. Every relationship starts usually with infatuation . Thanks when you are attracted to someone’s looks, mannerisms or personality. After a while infatuation can grow into real love . This is when you want to spend the rest of your life with someone. You feel close and attached and you want to please each other . Care and respect, look after each other through good and bad times. Romance can happen at any time . You can plan a special occasion , with dinner and candle light. Soft music and dancing. Going to a special place or doing something special for each other. Like when he surprised you with flowers, or you surprise him with a ticket to a great concert and you make a special date out of it. Just as a few examples. Romance is n9t something that happens every day of your life together. Life goes on and you have to work and do other things in life. But as I said it is something special . You or him can organise a romantic occasion. It is not only up to you to cater for his needs. So it depends on how your relationship was going. Think back and determine his commitment toward you. If you still love him it would be good to talk things over. Not by text message but by meeting up together . Having lunch or a coffee or a picnic in a public space where you both can be relaxed. If you decide you didn’t really love him and he is not bothered to make things work, make sure there is communication in your next relationship . Find out expectations and feelings before things fall apart,

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    I have been that girl. Sadly, if he is loosing feelings it is most likely because he has already got feelings for someone else.  I know this sounds very sad but it is true. No guy can be around not liking anyone they are just always behind some girl. From a personal standpoint if he wants to "develop feelings" again what he really means I am with you while the other girl is a 100 percent she will be with me if I leave you. I know it is sad, but it is better to end it than to stay. When guys say they do not feel the same towards you anymore they can act like real di&$@  and if another girl he likes is whiling to try it with him he won't think twice about leaving you and  this will hurt much more... trust me! And do not feel guilty you did nothing wrong and you deserve much better! Hope this helped, Good Luck! 

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    Only you know if you love him or not, we don't. Also, lust is a healthy part of any good romance.

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    hmmm... its painful feelings..

    but it was real ...

    ;/ hope that helps..

    best regards ..


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