For somebody who doesn't use video chatting/Snapchat, is there a need for that type of person to rush into upgrading to 5G?

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  • oyubir
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    6 days ago
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    Reasonnable answer is no.

    Problem is, in the past, the reasonnable answer proved to be the wrong one.

    When 4G appeared, I also told myself that I had no need for such a thing. I did not had a usage of mobile internet that needed such bandwidth (I kept all downloading, or anything, usage for my computer. All I needed on my phone was emails, and I uses email since the days of 9600 bps modems. 3G was way more than enough for that).

    But several things happened, and nowadays, when I am out of 4G coverage, my mobile is just useless (even with so called 3G+):

     * My usage of mobile data increased. I still don't chat/stream when not connected to wifi. But I use, for example, online gps, that need data (and won't keep it locally for commercial reason)

     * Other people usage of internet increased. They got used to 4G. So they use lot of data. And when in 4G-coverage area with my 3G-only phone, I still have to share the bandwith with them. So 3G nowadays is less bandwith than 3G at the time before 4G.

     * Operators stop caring about maintaining efficient 3G coverage, which is another reason why 3G became slower (and that is the optimistic theory. The more conspiracy theory is that operators voluntarily degraded 3G performance to encourage people to switch to 4G)

    And that was not even the first time the story happened. Even when 3G appeared, I also told myself that this was only for those stupid, bandwith wasting, iphone users (which just appeared). And that for my rare usage of push mail on my HTC "smartphone", 2G-edge, was enough)

    So, sure, if you are happy with 4G now, there is no urgent need to switch to 5G (anyway, there is no such thing, unless you are Chinese. Even the very rare  5G networks you find in North America, are not real 5G yet).

    But quite soon you'll find that 4G became slower, that more and more apps you install assume that you have 5G and take no care of using less data.

    It is a little bit like "do I really need 16G of RAM on my new computer, if my usage is the same than in the 90s when 64M was a lot?". Answer is "yes". Not because of you. But because a IRC client used a few KB of RAM, and a slack client needs 1GB. Same usage doesn't mean same resources. In a world were nobody bother to optimize memory usage anymore, you can't do anything if you don't have the GB, not even what you were doing fine before.

    Likewise, in a future world where nobody will bother to avoid a few Mbps of traffic, it will be hard to do anything with 4G, even what you can do now.

    So practical answer is, yes, you will need to switch to 5G, quite soon. It is not up to you. The world has decided so.

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  • Chris
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    6 days ago

    Absolutely not, the only "advantage" for you will be even faster downloads (like when app updates are downloaded).

    I'm not going to get a 5G phone until I'm getting a new phone anyway.

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  • 6 days ago

    Not really. Even if you do use Snapchat, 5G won't really make much of a difference. I'd much rather the carriers improve their 4G coverage and speeds, but it doesn't look like they care too much.

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