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I want to build a gaming pc?

I want to build a gaming PC for under $250, that can run Fortnite at over 75fps at medium settings and stream at the same time.

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  • 2 months ago

    Sorry, but that's not going to happen...Fortnite has become very graphics-intensive, and to run it at over 75fps you'll need a decent card to begin. Even last-gen graphics cards for fortnite start around $200...

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  • 3 months ago

    Unless you're planning to scavenge the secondary market for ALL of your components & willing to utilize Linux with a compatibility layer (like WINE)...  you're not going to hit the desired performance levels for Fortnite, MUCH LESS broadcasting at the same time.

    The main reason why I have to recommend going with Linux as you would have to pay $100 for a copy of Windows 10 as the storage drive you obtain will be scrubbed of all data, including the OS (if the previous owner did their due diligence).  Many Linux distros are available for free.

    To get a PC that meets your requests, you're going to be want to be looking for the following components...

    * Processor: AMD Ryzen 1600X / Intel Core i7-7700 OR BETTER -- Both processors exceed Fortnite's recommendations, but that just means there's more processing resources available for video capturing, transcoding & transmission (as any cores NOT utilized by Fortnite will be taken by your broadcasting software).

    * RAM: 16 GB or more -- Fortnite will want 8 GB's for itself.  Your broadcasting software (XSplit / OBS / ect. ) may want up to 8 GB's as well, but when resources start getting pressed (as your OS will need some RAM to keep things running), Fortnite is going to be less cooperative on this.

    * Graphics Card: Nvidia GTX 1060 / AMD Radeon RX570 OR BETTER-- Both the game & your broadcasting software will be putting demands on your graphics card for different reasons (Fortnite for game data & pumping out frame to you.  Broadcasting software crunching frames to push out to your viewers), so you'll want something a bit better than basic without compromises to framerate or quality.

    * Storage Drive: 7200 RPM HDD or an SSD, preferably 500 GB or LARGER -- You most likely want to make a local recording your broadcast for later editing & uploading to YouTube as broadcasting services like Twitch only hold onto your broadcasts temporarily (14 days for standard users, 60 days for Turbo / Prime user & partners).  While SSD's are generally better for performance, they're more expensive.  Going with a 7200 RPM HDD is a bit cheaper & performs better than a traditional 5400 RPM HDD.

    * OS: Windows 10 -- This is most obvious option, as it's the only OS officially supported by Epic Games for the PC version of Fortnite.  Upon a more in-depth look at Linux support, trying to get the Windows version working is a no-go because of the anti-cheating measures in the game.  You would have to look at running the Android version within Linux.

    Such a system typically runs around $1000 or more for DIY builds (+$200 for factory / boutique built systems).  If you willing to living without warranties on anything, you can save some money going with the secondary markets (buying used) to help lower the necessary budget to $750, but could possibly get down to $500 if you're tenacious.

    The only other option to reach your objective is to give up on the PC & go with a PS4 for ~$300 (w/ tax).  It may not be the most desirable option, but you'll be able to do what you want with the console.

    I know this isn't exactly what you want to hear, but this should shed some light on the subject.

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  • 3 months ago

    Good luck with that. With that small of a budget, it will be pretty hard to find a system that will run the game and stream it at the same time.

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  • 3 months ago

    Well, u shouldn't use PCs for gaming, it shouldn't be the reason for you buying a PC

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  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    LOL - good luck with that.

    • Eric3 months agoReport

      Could just buy a laptop without a touch screen, and eventually Max out the ram.. as long as certain specifications are strong enough. Might also want to try a pawn shop. Sounds shady but sometimes brand new stolen PCs end up there. Look at the clearance section on

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