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Marrying a Saudi Woman?


How old saudi woman has to be in order to marry her? 30? or she can be less? What is the rules?

And i am muslim born in central europe i want to move to saudi arabia to marry a saudi woman because i love saudi arabia and culture.

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    there are laws in SAudiarabia preventing Saudi women from marrying a non Saudi, regardless if he is a muslim or not.. This all stems back to the days when men would take advantage of the fact of a Saudi womans heart to get like " a green card" invite into Saudi if he married her, then he'd dump her and loads of divorces took place.. This rule now is in place to safeguard Saudi women from this.... However.. its not to say it is forbidden totally.. If you can present your case, and go to the ministry of interior and plead your case and if she and her family are in agreement, you might get permission.. there is an age stipulation.. im not exactly sure, might be 35.. but im not sure.... I only know of one lady (I live in Saudi).. she married a US soldier that was stationed in Saudi.... she left to USA though...

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