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why doesnt anyone bother to feed my trolls? What should I do?

I ask assinine questions and no one bothers to answer, I like witty responses, that further distort the truth. I still dont get answers I want and the good troll food.

Should I start trolling the comments section on Youtube and Smule and being like the simon cowell and calling people bad singers.Hopefully I can incite other trolls and get lots of troll grub>

Maybe start heckling at karaoke and open mics. I could see the reactions I get and get witty coments back and get my troll feed? Should I try youtube or even try offline trolling?

Updated 6 days ago:

THe ammount of work I have to go through writing the drecks I post on here to gather troll grub makes trolling on Y answers maybe not worth the work if a post doesnt gather troll food all day.

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