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2003 low hour Grumman AG-5 TIGER. 180 hours on engine after prop strike. Anyone with experience on this type. Would it be a good commuter?


- engine and prop done 180 hours ago

Update 2:

- Full annual completed in November

Update 3:

- wing inspected a year ago

Update 4:

- asking $ 89,900.00 US funds (delivered to CANADA)

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    Yes, depending on where you intend to "commute". A prop strike requires a mandatory engine tear-down and inspection. $$$ even if nothing needs to be repaired / replaced. There is a wing bolt AD that can cost real money if the mounting holes have become elongated. A few specific airframe parts can be expensive to buy and hard to find if you need to replace them. The Tiger was great in its day and I flew one for about 150 hours. Fast and economical for the horsepower, but a C182 is cheaper to insure and the sun doesn't beat you to death so much in the summer.. 


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      Thank you. I didn't know about the wing issue but owner says maintenance log will show that it's been addressed. For other reasons I've passed on this aircraft.

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    If it has a history of damage, you need to have it inspected by an A&P/IA before you make an offer to purchase.  

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