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Star Trek Discover AI theory?

Of course Star Trek Discovery doesn't follow the canon. I found the origins of the AI and the overlap with references to The Borg to be very confusing and had to piece things together by rewatching a few episodes.

The origin of Section 31 and the UI in Star Fleet is traced back to some programmers on Earth and logic extremist coders according to a couple of books titled Section 31.

So I think they have discovered the Borg tech on Earth and created an AI system with rogue elements of Borg code.

So the future version of that code somehow manages to forsee the past and it is hellbent on taking out all sentient life 900 years into the future. If it had merged with the Borg (assuming Borg survived) then it would have knowledge of Voyagers' introduction of the neural virus. Making it even more hellbent on revenge and wiping out humanity.

Approx. 500 years into the future, it creates a wormhole from the time travel technology (assuming it was like Borg and took the tech from an assimilated race). That latches onto the Discovery probe and proceeds to infect Airam and search the database.

At the same time, we are seeing the rise of the AI code via Section 31 and Leyland.

But future version of Control is ejected into space along with Airam.

As for the Sphere, it could very well be a mass of energy, living and non living, leftover from the nearly annihilated races of the future. Rising Control wants to acquire all that information.


The real question is whether or not Michael carried the AI 900 years into the future. Assuming that the magnetic field in the spore drive didn't wipe all the data from the nano bots...

Looking forward to Season 3!

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  • 3 months ago
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    29th century humanity has time travel in the series as seen in Voyager. This is when the time police [seen also in Next Generation and DS9] are from with their runabout size ship that near destroyed Voyager.

    Given the collective Borg memory system [Seven of Nine has much Borg data], it seems likely that the Borg also have time technology [as seen in Next Generation] ... it would thus be likely that they'd use it to assimilate any people they wanted simply by going back far enough to use future weaponry. the risk in going back 'far' is that the knowledge or skills that the Borg want to assimilate may not yet have been invented/discovered when their time travel ship arrives and assimilates the race. Nice problem

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