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If you let me just make this bravest statement it’s finally hobby time in PS4 do what you want?


I’ve got my two player split screen option still for ultra personal use!!! I highly doubt they let you all **** about with that easily!!!

Update 2:

If I was that fussed I needed to do it then I would!!! Back away now!!!

Update 3:

No!!! I also put on a now tv sky sports pass only yesterday to hopefully see some hot live sports action!!!

Update 4:

I trained myself to also be that way too though so you never know!!!

Update 5:

Whether I see Andy Murray play tennis again!!! Maybe Wimbledon!!!

Update 6:

The aliens are all at rest again with it too!!!

Update 7:

I swear to god I’ve covered it all!!!

Update 8:

Don’t keep deleting the cars for gran turismo sport!!! For United Kingdom flag use the tvr and the Aston Martin gran turismo!!,

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