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Im on Holiday In Sicily and i cant stop pooing?

landed here on wednesday and since thurdays evening im pretty much on the toilet.its not always diarrhoea sometimes its normal solid poopoo.what is happening to me or how can i treat it

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    When traveling, issues like that are often related to the change in what you are eating and drinking.

    Avoid drinking water that isn't bottled water.  Tap water is unique to each region and the natural remaining bacteria that is in tap water could be causing   your issue.  The people in the region grew up with the water and it wouldn't affect them.  But your system is not accustom to their water and could cause you issues.  This can happen to anyone traveling any distance away from their home and especially if they leave their country.  (and yes - tap water contains bacteria - google it.)

    I know that part of traveling is experiencing different foods, but it is highly likely that some of the foods you are eating may be the other source of your problem.  

    If it becomes diarrhea again,  you can also try to find a pharmacy for anti-diarrhea medication.  

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