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Anonymous asked in TravelUnited StatesNew York City · 3 months ago

Am moving to NYC in April for culinary school. Any anime clubs that are worth joining? ?

Am moving from west coast small town to NYC. I have never really been open about my hobby of Japanese anime culture, but I feel like in NYC their would be more open people. Any groups to consider? 

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  • 3 months ago

    We live near the Culinary Institute in Hyde Park, and are friends with several instructors, etc.  I am glad to hear that you think that after long shifts in the classroom and then on the floor in the kitchen, you will have time and energy for anything else.  If you do, and can still devote time to a hobby - good for you.  And please, do not go into debt for culinary school.  Graduates are not snapped up by top eateries, and at top salaries, anymore.  I know grads of the 4 year program who are working as wait staff now - and still trying to pay of the student loans.  And the schools themselves are cutting back on programs, and accepting ANYBODY who can spell "food". 

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    • Aries3 months agoReport

      You do not know my talents and I don’t care if you do. Mind your own business and seeing someone try to put someone else down for no reason makes me very sad. I don’t need your opinion I asked about anime. Please don’t comment again thank you. 

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