Question about any high blood sugar level?

If I have high blood sugar level, how many days will it take for it to get to much low blood sugar level-when I eat any food that have almost no sugar at all?

Any hard exercises or other very healthy food(maybe the (food) that I really don't like), etc., that would bring the blood sugar level down (much) faster?

Percentage of bringing down much faster to be more specific with-

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  • 1 month ago

    How high are your blood sugar (glucose) levels?  If they're high enough to start the process of ketones production, the absolute WORST thing you can do is exercise.

    Exercise stimulates your adrenal glands ... tiny glands that sit above each kidney ... to produced the hormone norepinephrine, which stimulates your liver to release glucose in order to 'feed' your muscles.  This results in blood sugar levels increasing even more.

    You should check for ketones each time your blood sugar level rises above 252 mg/dL [that's 15 mmol/l for anyone using the International Standard for blood glucose measurement].

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  • 1 month ago


    Diabetes mellitus is a disorder in which blood levels of glucose are abnormally high because the body doesn't release or use enough insulin adequately.

    Blood sugar(glucose) levels vary throughout the day, rising after a meal and returning to normal within 2 hours. Blood sugar levels are normally between 70 &110mg/dL  of blood in the morning after an overnight fast. They are usually lower than 120-140 mg/dL  2 hours after eating foods or drinking liquids containing sugar or other carbohydrates. Normal  levels tend to increase slightly but progressively after the age of 50, especially in people who are sedentary.

    The main goal of diabetes treatment is to keep the blood sugar levels within the normal range as much as possible. Completely normal levels are difficult  to maintain, but the more closely they can be kept within the normal range, the less likely that temporary or long-term complications will develop. The main problem with trying to control blood sugar levels tightly is an increased chance of overshooting, resulting in low blood sugar levels.(hypoglycemia).

    The treatment of diabetes requires attention to weight control, exercise, and diet. Many obese people with type 2 diabetes would not need medication if they lost weight and exercised regularly. However, weight reduction and increased exercise are difficult for most people with diabetes. Therefore,  either insulin replacement therapy or a oral hypoglycemic medication is often needed. Exercise directly lowers blood sugar levels, often reducing the amount of insulin needed.

    Diet management is very important. In general, people with diabetes should not eat a lot of sweet foods and should eat there meals on a regular schedule. However eating a snack at bedtime or in the later part of the day often helps prevent hypoglycemia in people who inject themselves in the morning or evening with an intermediate-acting insulin.

    Source(s): nurse
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  • Shay
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    1 month ago

    There is more to diabetes and high sugar levels than that in some situations.

    Depending on WHY you have high sugar levels, just diet and exercise might not be enough no matter how carefully you eat or how much  you exercise.

    You should NEVER try to self treat diabetes or self diagnose diabetes.  You should consult a doctor for an actual diagnoses, advice, and treatment options.

    Eating right for diabetes and controlling high sugar levels is MORE than just avoiding sugar.  ANY food that is high in carbohydrates will raise your sugar levels.  There is no sugar in most pasta - but pasta will raise sugar levels.  (pasta and bread is almost as bad as eating a candy bar or a piece of cake - especially if you eat large servings of pasta or bread)

    To lower sugar levels, lower your total carbohydrate intake.

    As for exercise, anything that puts your  body in motion will help.  Walking is one of the most recommended exercises for diabetes.

    NO ONE can give you a serious percentage on bringing down your sugar levels.  There is NO WAY to know how fast you could bring down your sugar levels since no one here knows how high your levels are right now and why your levels are too high.  It is not as simple as eating salads for a week to fix the problem.  There is always a possibility that  you can't bring down your levels without medication.  


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