Any great Illyana Rasputin TPBs?

I've always liked Illyana Rasputin (Magik of New Mutants). When I stopped collecting comics, she was still dead. I have a lot of the original New Mutants stuff, the original Magik mini-series. Are there any other works that FEATURE this character (ie, she's not just lost in the ensemble) I should consider getting? Preferably TPBs?

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  • 11 months ago
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    I myself have never followed this character heavily but I’ve seen her in books. They did another new mutants book with them as adults from 2009-2011 and that book tied into an event that heavily featured her called X-Infernous. Then after that I think she joined the main Uncanny team for a while with her brother Colossus and I enjoyed that. Then Bendis took over for a few years that was awful. And I stopped reading any Xbooks for probably 6 years. And now they’ve just started New Mutants again, and it’s an alright series I’m reading it but everyone has been deaged because most of them died and came back and the tone is a little weird. So yeah your best bet is probably to read new mutants 2009. 

    I also have the original magik miniseries, because I bought 15 longboxes for very cheap from a former collector and got a ton of good stuff. Including probably 50+ issues of Claremont new mutants and Excalibur, 50+ issues of new teen titans from the 80s, and a bunch of really good issues of Uncanny including the issue Jean died at the end of dark Phoenix saga. But I haven’t read most of them yet, I’ve only read dark Phoenix saga online. 

  • 11 months ago

    She hasn't had any solo adventures, and has featured more prominantly in mainstream X-Men books in the 2000s. Since about just before Fear Itself I think. She stayed with that team alongside Colossus for quite a while, playing a prominant role in stories, through AvsX and beyond, though she has disappeared a little in more modern titles.

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