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Does anybody know any fun, but cheap bachelorette party games?

I’m trying to help out a friend with bachelorette party ideas and we’ve settled on just staying in, drinking, and having a good time. Our problem now is to find a bunch of good party games/board games fitting for a bachelorette party that won’t break our very limited bank (the alcohol is taking up a good chunk of the budget). Any help really is appreciated!

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  • tony
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    1 month ago
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  • 1 month ago

    It's not cheap, but the most enjoyable party game I have encountered in the last year is Crimes against Humanity. The cue cards suggest social/sexual situations so I would only use it with a sophisticated group. OK, it can get raunchy. But it's great fun. The bad news is it's $25.00 unless you can find a prude on Ebay who is unloading it to get it out of the house. 

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  • 1 month ago

    one time i was at this party and somone calls out to me, “Hey, punk ******,” and the girl and I get into her car and drive off into the hills and we go to her room and I take off my clothes and she smothers me in nacho cheese

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