Any thoughts on my adhd fueled philosophical statement?

Cursed, or blessed… to walk through life in honest intro, retro, and/or extrospection. Unapologetically maintaining non-conformity to society's collective delusions; Guided by our personal moral compasses and personal beliefs, we might one day set about to accomplish something great and spectacular in our own right. 

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  • 1 week ago
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    You James are awoken, you have seen the truth that this religious society is lost in it's own delusions, law, careers, mortgages, social power, people enslave themselves mentally by swallowing beliefs pushed by a system! - We may one day be tasked with awakening the people, perhaps in doing so we even come to define this job as our purpose here in consciousness, and that would be SPECTACULAR, but we must not awaken people to a nothingness instead give them something new to believe in, rather than systems of domination I say believe in people and Anarchy, the idea of all people being treated with equal respect. We awoken few must lead the people to throw off their shackles for the pursuit of something worthwhile, Anarchy; True Freedom and Equality. I respect your thoughts highly.

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  • Rick
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    1 week ago

    did you think-it-up while laying in bed AWAKE ????

    • James1 week agoReport

      While sitting outside in 32 degree weather listening to punk rock and pondering the nature of our reality

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