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Can a guy be too polite to reject?

Sometimes I think he's not interested but he always reply to my texts even if something silly. Also, just few minutes ago, I was looking at our chat and my finger accidentally pressed the video button lol. I then texted him sorry for pressing the wrong button and his reply was "ok". He probably now thinks Im obsessed with him lol.....but is everything cool? Can a guy be too polite to reject?

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  • Janet
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    1 month ago
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    Guys like to avoid emotionally-uncomfortable scenes. They just are not raised TO handle unpleasant emotions. This is why a guy will drop his gf without saying a thing .. to avoid the scene.

    It is SO much easier with an unwanted text to reply. Men who are seriously interested in a woman will pursue her .. because they are sure other men will want her too and will beat him to it if he dawdles.

    If he is not chasing after you, not asking you out on dates and to be his gf, then he is not really interested in a relationship with you. The only way to know how a guy feels is to let HIM do the chasing, and if he doesn't then he is either not interested, or he is so shy that he doesn't have enough emotional courage to make it last (in which case you should NOT be starting something with him, because you will only end up bitter and heartbroken and may be turned off love forever).

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  • Ana
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    1 month ago

    Yes. This guy is clearly not interested

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