08 Nissan Armada 3rd row problem ?

Used the power folding rear seat to haul som stuff a month ago or so. Last weekend had some people over and wanted to all ride in the same car and seats would not go up. The alarm would chime when we pushed the button like it was about to but no movement in the seats. Now the chime is gone aswell and its just dead completely. Tried YouTube and a few Nissan forums and cant seem to find any information on the problem. Changed out the fuse today but no change.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago
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    Motor is likely broken, switch is broken or there is a wiring problem.  Did you have the vehicle in Park and ignition to On?  Check if the motor is getting power and ground when being switched on.  Take the car to a mechanic if you do not know how.

    • JJ1 month agoReport

      I ordered a set of new switches. If that doesn't work I'll probably change the relays. Guys at the Nissan dealership gave me some pointers on changing the motor out. I haven't checked the prices on that though. Thanks for the advice. 

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