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Should Justin Trudeau hold Iran accountable for the plane crash? Should he seek justice and retaliate?

"Trudeau will most likely send Iran a strongly worded letter, which Iran will then promptly ignore.

If the Canadian government doesn't take action against Iran for these murders, arguing that Iran didn't mean to shoot down the plane- then I suppose a drunk driver that kills a crowd of people by accident, shouldn't be held accountable?"

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    Should he? Yes. Will he? Yes. 

    Keep in mind here, Canada is not a very powerful country both in terms of military and economy either, so really there isn't much Canada can do to "hold Iran accountable" or to retaliate either. All he can really do is deport any Iranian diplomats from Canada, to stop any trades with Iran, and possibly deny any Iranians seeking to come into Canada entry.

    • ray2 months agoReport

      Why the "quotation marks" ? Was that an "erroneous" use of the "expression" in your view? Please, enlighten us.

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  • lala
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    2 months ago

    Trump made the shitt 

    and you want JUstin to repair and pay for this stupid as''''s's's''shole Trump ???

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    I was wondering why the lawyers made In'sin'you'ate'shones

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  • jimm
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    2 months ago

    He's a coward who will let his citizens die and not care one bit.

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