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I am single and wanting to adopt...?

Is that bad/selfish? I am only 21 years old, but when I am in my later 20's and have financial stability, I want to adopt a child. I am not really a dater, but I do want a child with or without marriage and there are plenty of babies I could provide a better home for rather than spending loads of money on a stranger's sperm that may or may not work, anyways. I would be open to adopting in the US from adoption agencies OR foster care, but I know that it is extremely hard and many people can and will change their mind last minute, after you have already given your hopes up. When I was younger, I wanted to adopt from a country around East Asia like China, Vietnam, Laos, Japan, etc. I especially wanted to adopt from South Korea, because I was adopted from South Korea; I have always thought that it would help me be able to relate to him/her more. There are also countries that are much worse off than in America, such as some that I have listed and others that are in Asia AND around all other continents of the world, where I could take someone out of a bad situation. But I hear so much negative talk about both adoption AND single parenting. So is it really that bad of a thing? Just because I am single and do not particularly need to share blood with my child, does that really make me undeserving of being a parent? I get that not all adoptive parents are great, but neither are all biological parents. Also, the alternative is that the child grows up in Foster Care. Is that better?

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    Children who are legally free for adoption but living in foster care have zero parents.

    One parent is better than zero.

    How would that be selfish?

    Source(s): Adoptee and Adoptive Mom.
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