What is child abuse and when should I report?

So I recently reported a family member for child abuse. She verbally criticized, threatened, belittled, etc her kids. She would threaten to beat them up if they didn’t behave, etc she would yell a lot and just made everything tense. In Hispanic households that’s seen as normal sometimes but it’s not. I’m Mexican and know this type of parenting is seen as almost normal, but he case was definitely extreme. But now I just want to know if I should report every parent I’ve heard Yell at their child or call them a name or be nasty. I know neighbors who yell at their kids occasionally and now I’m like do I report them too??? Do they need to be checked my cps as well?

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    8 months ago
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    CPS is for children in danger, physical & emotional danger. Yes, verbal abuse is bad and what you did report sounds like it should have been reported & bless you for that. But, you do not need to report every parent you hear yell at their child or be nasty to them. Sometimes it is just a one-time thing, you do not know what is going on behind closed doors.

    One example I often use a friend of mine who had been at the hospital with her dying husband all night with 2 young kids. Her husband had passed a few hours before, she didn't feel up to going to a hotel and had no family or friends in the area. They were traveling coming home from vacation when her husband got sick so she knew no one & family was in the process of traveling to her. She took her kids ages 5 & 2 to a Waffle House which was the only place nearby and open. Her kids were dirty, looked a mess and so did she. The kids were exhausted and hungry as was she. Of course, people were looking at her harshly judging her on the bad behavior of her kids and how they looked. She was emotionally drained and in shock. At one point her 2yr old crawled on her and she without thinking shoved him away as she was trying her best to hold it together. She also whispered a cuss word. It was then an older woman started shaming her for how messy her kids were and how she was. She sat there taking all the insults, broke into tears then blurted out her husband just died.

    My point is you do not know what is going on in a "bad" parents' life when you see them in a moment. While to some my friend looked like a neglected, drugged-out zombie mother who didn't care about her kids the truth was she was grieving. So think before you harshly judge someone.

    I'm not excusing verbal abuse as I grew up in a verbally abusive home. I just explaining parents have bad days too.

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    That would be you being a busy-body.  And yeah, eventually CPS is going to be like "Oh it's that kook with the yelling fetish calling in another stupid report."

  • Lôn
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    8 months ago

    That's discipline ,not abuse. Beating them with a belt is abuse. Mind your own business.

    Naughty step parents are worse parents than disciplinarians are,

  • angie
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    8 months ago

    Consider this, hundreds of thousands of children in the 'system' are missing and no one is looking for them. Don't traffic up a what is already a nightmare over 'yelling'. There is a difference between hurting feelings and killing someone.

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