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My gold fish keeps floating to the top of the tank ?

So I’ve had this fish for years. I always put him in tap water that has been doctored by a solution that makes tap water safe for fish. Well a couple of days ago, I put in 4 gallons of distilled water in to his 10 gallon tank and the rest tap water and then treated it. Ever since I added the distilled water, he floats to the top EVERY time I feed him. I didn’t feed him for a couple of days and he was fine. Then I fed him again and he is having trouble staying down and keeps floating to the top. I feed him flakes, not pellets. But I’ve ALWAYS kept everything the same through out the entire time I’ve had him, even the food. But as soon as I changed the water, food/eating affects his buoyancy. 

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    He wants to be petted.

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    Three things:

    1) Unless you have a fancy goldfish, 10 gallons is way too small for a goldfish. Especially feeders/commons. Most people say you need a 55 gallon, but I think as stunted as this fish likely is you could get away with a 29 gallon tank.

    2) Goldfish are messy. Very messy. So your goldfish is fouling up its water fast in that too small tank, which could lead to a compromised immune system and leads to things like swim bladder issues, which is likely what you're dealing with.

    3) Until you fix the tank situation, you would be best able to help your fix by withholding food or feeding blanched peas, whichever you think is best. And switch to a sinking pellet food because your fish is likely ingesting too much air when feeding at the surface which can cause these problems.

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      I think he is considered a fancy goldfish. He is a black moor fish. Never before had any problems. After I don’t feed him for a one to couple days he is perfectly fine again. It’s just when I feed him. Also, when I don’t feed him after a couple of days, he likes to lay on the bottom of the tank.

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