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Why do todays (Christians) believe in sprinkling tap water on babies as opposed (to) HOLY SPIRIT BAPTISM AND ITS (SIGNS) OF LAYING HANDS?


you have no HOLY (SPIRIT) within you since you had a FALSE CHRISTIAN tap water (BAPTISM) that doesnt (count) Liam

Update 2:

You ARE A (LIAR)! 

You have no (CLUE) who the (HOLY) SPIRIT IS and are (a) HEATHEN!

Update 3:

Sky the (CATHOLIC) "CHURCH" is BABLYON and you have (no) SIGNS OF (SPIRITUAL) POWERS because sprinkling tap (WATER) IS WRONG!!!!!

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    they are ill informed or outright lied to

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Norine are you EVER going to answer my extremely simple to understand, non offensive, and very reasonable question of "what religion are you a member of"...?

    Updated- thanks for NOT answering me yet damning me.

    Source(s): Or do you refuse because you're a troll or cult member?
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