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Can you see the Isle of Man from Blackpool?


I have heard many rumors about this some say its true, some say its not. 

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  • 1 month ago

    Yes!!! I clear weather. It can also be seen from the Cumbrian (Lake District) coast, Southern Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

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  • 2 months ago

    depends ..if you have been to specsavers or not ..and what type of equipment they sold you ..binoculars and a ticket to top of tower might do it ...quick seems to see 67 miles you need to be at 3000 ft! change tower to a glider ...or ryanair 

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      3000 ft definitely work, you can easily see IOM from Scafell Pike (3210ft).

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  • 2 months ago

    Definitely true under the right conditions and the right viewing point. 

    It’s 67 miles offshore from Blackpool, so well beyond the horizon at sea level. It’s also one of the rainiest places in the UK so the atmosphere is rarely clear enough. 

    But on a really clear day without any heat haze, it’s just possible to see it if you head to the North Shore, north of the North Pier and go up onto the clifftops.

    Some claim to have seen it from the top of the Blackpool Tower. I never did. But you can easily spot the Tower on a clear night from the IoM if you’re up in the mountains on a clear night because the Tower is so distinctively illuminated.

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    • Robsteriark
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      I understand that “the right conditions” also mean that there has to be a “refractive layer” in the atmosphere which carries the image much further th
      an would otherwise be the case.

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