Are these good investments?

This is an update of what I got so far.



Growth and Income ^



Mid Cap Growth ^



International Growth ^



Small-Cap ^

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    A "good" investment depends on what your actual financial goals are and usually consists of a variety of different investment types.  However, if you are investing and not going to tough it for 10 years, you almost can't do better than putting it in an S&P500 index fund.

    Neither FBGRX or VDIGX are Growth and INCOME.  They are mostly Growth.   If income is important to you than pick a fund that focuses on value stocks. The FBGRX has done better historically.  Historically VDIGX has not done any better than the S&P 500 index (FXAIX) and it may have a sales charge associated with it.

    Neither FMCSX or GWPFX have great returns in the long term and they are not tops in their class (GWPFX is terrible).  Neither are mid-cap growth.  FMCSX is a mid-cap blend and GWPFX is a large cap growth fund.  

    If you want a good mid-cap growth fund, I suggest LCLAX (which I actually own). BMGAX is also good.  Note that both are "loaded" so buy them through a broker that has a no-fee agreement (like Fidelity Investments).

    FIGFX has better long term performance record, but it is riskier in a market downturn. MFAPX and MIOPX are better choices.  International Growth funds are riskier than International Blend funds or US Equity funds.

    FDSCX is superior to SCWFX in historical performance (which is an international fund and not in the US small-cap category).  Again the S&P 500 does as well or better most of the time.  There are better small cap funds out there.Here's my advice.  

    1. If you don't know what you are doing and have no other reason to invest in anything else, and don't need the money for a long time (10 years), then just put your money in an S&P 500 fund or ETF (like SPY).

    2. If you don't need the income or principal protection, don't over invest in bonds, even if you a cookie cutter allocation says you should.  Investment grade bonds are barely keeping up with inflation.

    3. Don't invest in foreign/international stocks or funds just because some cookie cutter advisor allocation says you should.  Generally if the foreign market is doing well, then so is the US market will do well.

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      My thinking would be to invest in these?
      VQNPX (Growth and Income), LCLAX or BMGAX (Mid Cap Growth), MFAPX or MIOPX (International Growth), and QUASX (Small-Cap)

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    Why are you asking this on fashion and accessories? Wouldn't it make more sense to ask in business and finance?

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      I think it auto assigned it for me. I didn't select anything

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