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Problem with monitor?

So pretty much i have two monitors I've had them for about 1 year 1 of my monitors is not working it just says no signal.

Weird thing is my second monitor sometimes works and just sometimes doesn't work.

Usually when my second monitor isn't working i just use one monitor then at some point the other monitor just starts working.


So I tested my monitor with my laptop and the monitor works fine so it's a problem with my motherboard, how do I fix it maybe it's a thing in the bios or hardware I'm not sure I mean when I hold the cable into motherboard solidly it shows nothing so maybe it's a bios' thing.

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    With no hardware details, like model, brand, port used, hard to guess.  Go to BIOS, display settings, and choose what is primary--integrated port or some card in some expansion slot.  That is all I can suggest from what you tell.

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    If you knew about electronics, it sounds like a defective electrolytic capacitor. They often swell up and act intermittent before completely dying. I had a guitar amp act this way after owning it for two years. I simply unsoldered the swollen capacitors (2 in my case) and replaced them with new ones at a cost of about 50cents each. Problem solved.

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  • Dze
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    get a new one or a refurb ... the last 25" i got was a refurb and its lasted several years now no problems and it was very reasonably priced ..

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