Homemade birthday gifts for a boater?

In 2019, my dad and one of his friends, both of whom have experience with boats and love to be out on the water, bought a boat together.

My dad loves the boat and is constantly at the marina where it is docked making sure everything works properly.

My dad's birthday is coming up and I wanted to make him something boat themed as a present.

My brother bought a custom captains hat for our dad for Father's Day so I'm wondering what suggestions anyone may have for other boat themed gifts I can make?

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    1 month ago
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    Buy some drinking glasses (alcohol drinks) and etch the name of the boat in the glass - you can buy kits and etching compound. 

    Throw pillows with the name of the boat of just a nautical theme (assuming the boat has a salon). 

    A small paddle that can be hung on a wall with the boat with boat name or some nautical theme. 

    Customized boat fender covers. 

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