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Is working on a supply boat an easy job?


as a deckhand

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    You have to explain "supply boat", where it goes, what ports, what speed or time between docking, and what you expect to do as a deckhand.  Also what age ship (more modern ones are safer, more comfortable, faster).

    Some trips from East Asia across Pacific are a couple weeks long.  Some oil tanker or container or car carrier ships are really huge, crew quarters are quite nice.  Something to consider--on most any ship, when something goes bad, like loss of power, collision, fire, or storm damage, you might wish you were not there.

    70 years ago my family travelled from Colombia to New York on a small passenger ship (50 guests) that had a large cargo of bananas.  Was fairly nice quarters, but this ship was not particularly fast.  Almost 2 weeks travel.

    Source(s): Worked a few months on a geophysical vessel (cable hydrophones searching for oil pockets). It was 1800 tons, 135 x 35 feet, crew of 12, and I was 1 of 12 for the electronics and cable crew (50-50 in lab and on deck). Was not too hard, but long shifts--6 on, 6 off all day and night. We went a lot of places of Caribbean, mostly out of Kingston for less than 2 weeks at a time.
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  • 2 months ago

    No, that is a very hard job. 

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