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Deadpool is an X-Men. But the Hulk isn't. Why?

In one movie, they said Mutants get their powers while going through puberty and experiencing stress. Deadpool was given a shot of something and underwent torture to get his powers. The Hulk, who isn't an X-Men, went through some process to get his powers. Like Deadpool. So, why is Deadpool considered a Mutant when he had an origin story like Spider-Man, etc?


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    Mutants are born with special genes that give them their powers.  Sometimes they can be dormant and that was Deadpool's case.  He was shot with a fluid that would activate them when put under extreme stress.  But the power was already inside him from birth.

    The Hulk, Banner, was a normal non-mutant guy who hit himself with gamma radiation and gained his powers that way. It wasn't a power he was born with, it was one he gained from something else.  Spider-Man is the same way, normal kid and radioactive spider.

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    Deadpool isnt x-men. X-men are all natural born mutants. Even wolverine who was experimented on as adult already had healing and bone-claws from young age.

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