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How do I solve this problem with my trash can?

Ok so on my street we get the garbage taken 2x a week and it seems like a few of the neighbors including me have our trashcans flung down on the ground instead of upright after they empty it. I dont load my trashcan with heavy garbage, I even tear up boxes of cereal, soda packs, anything with cardboard/paper. No I do not have a blue recycling bin, because I wasn't given one for my unit. The only time it was ridiculously full was Christmas time when of course there were extra trash bags and such. Well they mailed me a notice informing me what to do with the extra garbage and I did everything they said and he still failed to pick it up and take it out in the right way even though I made sure everything was wrapped in heavy duty 30 gallon trash bags. It's almost always my trash can that's left on the ground as well as a couple of the neighbors on my street or down the street. I'm getting tired of hefting up my trash can after they leave twice a week I don't understand what are they do this because there is no trees obstructing them bushes or anything like that. There are three other people that live in the same unit as me and their trash cans are always put neatly back on the ground upright.I'm tired of this and want to know if there is something to do.

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