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asked in Arts & HumanitiesPhilosophy · 1 year ago

why are people so attracted to true crime stories? is it like a soap opera for many? why? what soap operas offer who and how?


a  famous past example would be the Madelein Mccann or Amanda Knox case or if you are in the USA, the Casey Anthony case or the Natalee Holloway story.

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  • 1 year ago
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    Life basically exists for two purposes: survival and procreation, and if you notice those things tied to those two purposes tend to be the strongest triggers to the pleasure centers of the nervous system (think food & sex)...

    Some might argue that what separates humans from beasts is our innate desire to also grow emotionally, spiritually and intellectually....others might argue that those thing are simply an extension of improving "life quality" which in turn aids survival and encourages procreation...

    In any case, much of this "growth" depends on the willingness to cross boundaries.  In the animal kingdom, for example, the survival of a herd of deer may depend on them crossing a wide river of busy highway to reach a new food source.  Some deer might be too timid to risk the crossing and perish from hunger. Others may cross in a reckless manner and be killed.  But on the whole, if enough deer cross then the survival chances for the herd as a whole greatly improves.

    Humans are faced with psychological, emotional and cultural barriers of all kinds...and in many cases our collective survival and and advancement depends on a willingness to test those boundaries.

    The human fascination with evil and "the dark side" is, I believe, an extension of this hard-wired impulse.  Because crossing boundaries is sometimes necessary, the pleasure centers are stimulated by thoughts and actions that challenge that which is considered "normal."  Because growth is necessary to long-term survival, we are naturally predisposed to feel confined by or to get bored with cultural limits.

    As with the deer example before, some never test these boundaries...others not only test them but violate them with horrific results.  On the whole, however, most of us feel the tinge of excitement but deal with them in an orderly manner.

    Still, the fascination will be there because the instinct and nervous responses are still there.  This is why so many studies in "evil" stories of both real and fictional serial killers and much of the "vampire" genre....all have a strong sexual element to them.  The brain chemicals being release are the same.

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    1 year ago

    I love watching reruns of the original Law & Order.

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    Bonnie and Clyde and Billie the Kid are my heroes. They stood up to the man and truly lived. They are heroes of the highest order to me, so that's why I like their stories.We need more heroes like them, sadly it's harder to resist the system nowadays.

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    People are always drawn to stories of transgression and excess.

    Most of us are in reality slaves to the state and rule of law.

    We're all drawn in by tales about people who break the rules, do what we would not dream of doing and eventually pay the consequences, or not. 

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