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What is with the unprofessional Apps in the app store of both windows and mac, ios and android?

The app stores of both windows, mac and android and ios has a WHOLE lot of apps that are just mocked up in a cheesy unprofessional way.

They use names like 'cookiecrumb' or 'gingerbread' as a app's name.

the interface usually consists of typos, unprofessional look, cheesy graphics usually flash.


These apps 'work' but they are just very childish and unprofessional 

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    I believe it is due to the fact that anyone can (for the most part) create an account.  And then add their apps for sale on the market.  I thought that Apple was a little more strict on their guidelines as to who and what can host their apps.  But that may have changed.  

    Unfortunately the only thing you can do is not download the apps.  And if you have make sure to add a review or comment and tell people how horrible or how good these apps are if you are able.

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