Can you get a stereo channel from a regular micro-cassette player/recorder?

I'm a DJ who loves collecting odd music formats. LatelyI've been getting into listening to music on micro-cassette. I don't know much about the players though,and last time I messed with one it seemed like it was playing in Mono(one ear only). Is there a way to get a stereo channel from those players? Just curious.

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  • Tony B
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    2 months ago
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    Only if it's a stereo machine. I believe that some stereo recorders/players were produced in the 80s.

    Micro-cassettes weren't a music format though. They were intended for dictation and the sound quality was even worse than a standard cassette. So long as whoever was listening could understand what was being said, then that's all that was needed. That's why they were mostly mono - single channel - machines. Two channels are needed for stereo.

    Using the correct headphones though you should get sound in both ears - it will be mono though unless, as I say, you have a stereo player.

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  • 2 months ago


    Sanyo made an attempt to do stereo with microcassettes.

    It didn't sell.

    (See the YouTube channel Techmoan for a story on this.)

    You can get a mono - to - stereo plug adapter to solve your problem.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Those are marketed as voice recorders and therefore they did not need to be stereo. Stereo requires the tape to be split into two channels, and that means sound quality will suffer. I am not sure there are any stereo micro cassette recorders. If the music was not recorded in stereo then you cannot get stereo by using two ear buds.

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