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what happened to "Blu- Ray" is it still as big of a deal as it was when it came out in which year btw? and why?

I have never bought a Blu Ray player, but why would i even want to now?


and plus I feel stupid for even buy DVDs now that Youtube has pretty much everything i have ever purchased or wanted to purchase up for free to watch...when is this going to change maybe? will Youtube start charging soon to watch anything? why or why not?

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    What happened to Blu-Ray? It still exists and is the dominant format for high definition physical media.

    If you don't have a smart TV or other means of running streaming apps then a Blu-Ray player could give you access to those in addition to being able to play Blu-rays and DVDs.

    Youtube already charges to rent movies for about the same price as renting a movie anywhere else.

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      most of the documentaries i watch are like History documentaries (Example WW2), and i have not seen much if any of what you are talking about , how soon do you think they will start doing that for most all of their content? how do they make money now?

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  • 2 months ago

    One reason is that it Might do a better job of playing DVDs,

    and some BD players are Excellent for CDs.

    Other than those reasons, there isn't much point to buying one

    if you're never going to have any BDs.

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