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Anonymous asked in TravelAustraliaVictoria (Melbourne) · 3 months ago

Where are the best hobby farm acres/areas located in Victoria Australia?

I am wanting to know the best areas for acreage living in victoria. 5 acres minimum, Town water, and within a reasonable distance to the CBD. By areas I mean, close enough to hospital, schools, public transport (perhaps). 

2 Answers

  • 3 months ago

    Australia doesn't do acres, we converted to metric decades ago. 5 acres is about 2 hectares. 2 hectares is a large garden, it isn't a hobby farm. Hobby farms usually start at about 20-40 hectares depending on local council rules. 

    If you are outside the town, you are unlikely to have town water but must rely on tanks and dams or, perhaps, a bore. Forget public transport in the country, it doesn't exist but you can use the school buses in some areas. Which CBD are you interested in? You won't find a hobby farm anywhere near the Melbourne CBD but you might find one within 15km of a country town with a hospital and schools. Decide which part of Victoria you want to live in and which town you want to be near then look at what's on offer from the real estate agents in that town.

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  • 3 months ago

    Traralgon      .

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