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In the DOS days when a standard computer didn't have a mouse, how were professional word documents made?

Back in the DOS days when a mouse wasn't standard on a computer, how was people able to create professional word documents?

How were people able to create word documents that had boxes, pictures, and boarders?

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    In pure DOS with no mouse etc - word processors as we know them today did not exist.

    All you could do was create documents with text - no pictures, boxes, borders etc. A bit like you can do with current programs such as Notepad, wordpad and Notepad++

    The first version of MS Word did actually require the use of a mouse but it was still very crude compared to what we have today. Wordperfect was used by most businesses but, again, one could not do what you can do today.

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  • Anonymous
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    No pictures.  They were basically Text documents.  following a certain program.  You just filled in the sheet of paper with your words and make it look pretty using just the keys.

    IBM DOS 1975

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    I had Microsoft Works for DOS and you got to the menu at the top of the screen by pressing on of the keys, it might have Alt. Also you moved the 'pointer' around ie the cursor using the direction keys for when you wanted to highlight the text and move it etc.

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    Good ol' fashioned PAP - Pen And Paper.  It's still how I choose to create a professional word document to this very day.

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  • Smokie
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    Back in the olden days we had a thing called a typewriter. The richly formatted documents you are asking about didn't become a thing until much later in life.

  • opurt
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    In Linux/Unix, you'd use a markup language like LaTeX. WordPerfect for DOS had codes for some functions like this as well. Basically you'd be embedding commands within the document that would tell the program (for example) to draw a 2-point thick box between two spots on a page and place an image file within the box, and then at print time it'd do what you said.

    The big problem being that you were never exactly sure what it'd look like until you went and printed it.

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    There were document generators like troff. The document text was entered a basic text editor like Notepad or vi and directives in the text controlled fonts, size, layout etc. The processed troff was then printed on a phototypesetter. 

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    They werent. The software to create professionally formatted text documents dixnt exist back in DOS days

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    with a typewriter

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