Suggest any good books?

I like fantasy, anthing that involves witches, vampires, fairies, elves or atories about time travel. Also love stories but not ones like harlequin books

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    Tree Shepherd's Daughter, a humorous trilogy about a Valley girl who discovers her father is an Elf;

    The Great Divorce, a man's experience in heaven;

    The Soulless One, about the matrix;

    Walking among Us, by Dr. David Jacobs, about aliens in our midst;

    The Time Traveler's Wife;

    A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court;

    The Little White Horse;

    A Wrinkle in Time series;

    Michael Vey:  Prisoner of Cell 25 series;


    Alcatraz versus the Evil Librarian series; humorous for children and adults;

    The Wind in the Willows;

    The Neverending Story;


    The Restaurant at the End of the Universe;

    The Three-Body Problem;

    The Door into Summer;

    The Guns of the South;

    Tom's Midnight Garden;

    Ten Billion Days and One Hundred Billion Nights;

    The Woman Who Thought She Was a Planet;

    The Real World of Fairies:  A First Person Account;

    The Retreats of the Masters;

    Paper Towns;

    Finding a Higher Love.

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    You would love Sword of Gold.  It has most of these elements.  There are witches and there is time travel.  It is medieval fantasy.

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    Perfume by Patrick Süskind. Its not exactly fantasy but it has some elements. Its extremely well written and it's a really fascinating book

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    Patricia Briggs has some great stuff, the Mercedes Thompson series specifically.

    Best time travel novel I've read was Time Storm. And another was The Anubis Gates.

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    Any of the Discworld series starting with The Color of Magic.

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    Check th Amazon list of fantasy books.

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    The Stone of Tears Trilogy - Tad Willams

    The Dragonlance Chronicles/Tales - Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman

    Weavers of Saramyr - Chris Bunch

    Memory Sorrow and Thorn - George RR Martin

    The Wheel of Time - Robert Jordan

    His Dark Materials - Phllip Pullman

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    All of them. But not Harlequin books, of course.

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