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What do I do if I think some one is sabotaging my car (like putting something in the gas so it doesn't start?

My families ignorant with varying degrees of antisocial tendencies, plus they consist mostly of women. No principled scrupulous thinking Male in sight. They all died off and I'm just a lone wolf dead out of the water with no social connections except the witches I've been living with that have systemically ruined my reputation and impair my ability to generally think and focus. I also live in an area that's kind of prone to crime. Have had numerous bikes stolen, a prior car stolen, jumped one time, a prior truck vandalized, etc. O and again my families ****.


Example: an aunt who tries to cash blank checks she finds, enters private property and steals material at night in order to make money, opens other's mail, lies, records arguments with her phone that she starts and then posts it on facebook, was a coke head, very aggressive and hostile and argumentive..

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    What you do is live away from them. 

  • 2 months ago

    Start to immediately move away.

    Then you'll be fresh to start anew.

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  • 2 months ago

    Psychopath. Run

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