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Speed Question?

At 11.35am, Aloysisus left town 

x and travelled to town Y at a constant speed of 72km/h. At 12.25pm, Royden left town X and travelled to town Y at a constant speed of 97km/h. 

(a) At what time did Royden overtake Aloysius?

(b) When Royden reached town Y, Aloysius was still 120km behind him. At what time did Aloysius reach town Y? 

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    It's actually a "distance" question.  We know the speeds.  We just don't know the distance between X and Y.  If we knew it, we could easily determine their arrival times, since we know their speeds.  We know there's a 50/60ths times 72km positive difference between their locations when Royden starts moving.  We also know there's a 120km negative difference when Royden stops moving.

    Is that enough to get you started?

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