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New Year’s Eve party game idea?

OK so I go to this bar I’m a local at a small town bar like everyone knows everyone I’m hosting a New Year’s Eve party And I was wondering what would be a good party game for about 10 to 20 people I pretty much have free reign I’ve considered bringing my Xbox and hooking up to the TV But I think a card game would do better By the way it’s not my bar but I’m really good friends with the owner Preferably a game where people don’t get too drunk yes I know it’s a bar but I don’t wanna be responsible for getting a bunch of people drunk

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    Id do a bingo game for cool light up 2020 bling.

    We use 8 boards and set up a checker challenge with games going a timed 4 mins. Play fair and fast and the winner kept advancing 

    Later in the evening lightly aired beach balls are fun in a crowd

    A cup cake walk, circle of chairs music, remove a cchair stop the music...no chair you are out...next round remove 3 chairs..stop music..people scramble last person wins a cup cake

    Think of games groups can play..

    Limbo game

    The list is endless...have funn be safe

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    With games like Pictionary or Sequence there are teams. And if someone wanders off the game can still go on without them. The teams need not be of equal size. 

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    I expect some people won't need any help at all getting drunk in a bar on New Year's Eve, but that won't be your problem. Just try to make sure nobody tries to drive home if they're tanked.

    10-20 people sounds like too many people for a card game or for Xbox.

    You might want to consider a Trivia competition.

    Organize people into teams, on different tables, maybe 2 or 3 teams of 5, or 3 teams of 4, or whatever works. Give the teams silly names. Then have a series of trivia questions about different things, music, sports, geography, maybe one set of questions can be about events of 2019... y'know, mix it up, have some multiple choice, have some riddles, keep the questions fair and possible, with a few tricky ones, and a few funny ones.

    People will have fun with a competition like that, talking with their group to get their answer, trying to keep other teams from hearing their answer. And at the end of each set of 10 or so questions, they get another team to correct their answers and hand in the bit of paper.

    I think this works great because people can chat and enjoy their drinks and nibbles while doing this, and a wide range of people would be into it. Just have all the rules and the questions (and the pens and paper for each table) worked out so that it runs smooth.

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