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Do you get HIV from using a condom during sex? HELP PEP question?

I had sex with two strangers, both said they do not have HIV. We did not kiss, did not have oral, all we did was put on a condom and they both penetrated me. What are the possibilities of me being infected from these 2 one time protected encounters? I am debating taking PEP since I am afraid and want to know if it is necessary. Please let me know what to do. It has only been 24 hours.

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    Not unless it breaks and the person you are having sex with is infected with HIV and you have some tear in the rectum and semen gets inside the cut or tear. It's very unlikely you have it and would not need any "Prep". If you are going to be this paranoid then do yourself a favor and not have sex at all because you sound really dumb if you are not trolling.

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    A HIV test is needed. You are probably alright, but get tested now, and again in 6 months and again in 1 years as HIV can take awhile to show up.

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      not needed

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  • If the condom didn't break or fall off then you're not likely to get HIV. 

    I think you should get tested for HIV if you're concerned about having it, before you start taking any medication. 

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  • 2 months ago

    Are you asking whether you can get HIV from a threesome?

    No, that's not how HIV is 'created' ..

    H.I.V does not stand for Harry + Ignatius + Vagina.

    You're fine.

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