Vintage Boat identifying help?

Hello, so I bought a 14ft boat and trailer from a guy for 400. It's an aluminum welded hull, closed bow with what used to be a whole curved windshield until the owner cut an opening through the center to access the top of the closed bow. He and the paperwork tells me it's a "1969 MFG" it had a MFG logo bolted to the side until I accidentally broke it off. But my understanding for MFG is that those boats are "Molded Fiberglass" yet this boat is aluminum welded. One of my biggest concerns is that the bac rear of the transom doesn't display a proper HIN, instead it only has a 4 digit "1008". So unless MFG made an aluminum boat which I couldn't find anywhere online, then I want to make sure nothing fishy ia going on with this boat. From what the paperwork and seller told me, the boat is older than when HIN numbers were required in 1972 so i guess it would make sense for the transom number to just say "1008" right? I've tried researching and the closest thing I've come up with is that it looks quite identical to a 1965 14' Alumacraft Maracaibo boat. Anyway, I live in ny and yahoo wont let me post pics greater than 5mb so hopefully I can post them somewhere and add a link. Thank you in advance as any info will help

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  • 2 months ago

    The purpose for finding this boat's pedigree would be what? Making sure it will float? Boasting to others at the ramp that this is what you have? Getting spare parts?

    For that "400" somethings, you can afford to scrap that boat and keep just the trailer for another boat that you could know something about and still come out ahead.

    Source(s): My neighbor had a nice fishing boat years ago. He left a 55 gallon plastic drum of contaminated fuel sitting on pavement at the curb. I offered to help him move it, but was turned down. After 4 weeks and 2 passes of the street sweeper, I called the city. Inspector came out and he was forced to move it after that. And he stayed pissed at me until he died.
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      Not only is that not helpful, but it is unhelpful. Your comment left me confused.

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