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More corruption in the White House cons will conveniently ignore?

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    There should be (and maybe somewhere there is) a separate investigative team of news folks delving into why the "cons" (the militant lock-step Congressional GOP) have chosen to both ignore and then help cover up the corruption of Donald Trump and the Trump administration, August West.  The first question that comes to mind is: "What's in it for them [right-wing Republicans]? What does the GOP get to sell out our nation and to be complicit in allowing the ruthless RUSSIAN MAFIA (Nance, 2018) and the domestic-terrorist Koch brothers' secretive anti-democracy, anti-government KOCH DONOR NETWORK (Mayer, 2017)?  

    These same "cons" united to pretend hypocritical feigned "moral outrage" that a very popular high-achieving President Bill Clinton engaged in a legal, consensual, and brief sexual (fellatio only) affair with an adult power-groupie female and then fibbed once about having that brief fellatio-only extramarital "moral lapse" (suggested reading: Larry Flynt, 2004: "Sex, Lies and Politics: The Naked Truth"; "The Hunting of the President: The Ten-Year Campaign to Destroy Bill and Hillary Clinton" by Coneson et al., 2010; "The Clinton Presidency: Key Accomplishments" available online).  One equivocation by an embarrassed President Bill Clinton---not even a full-blown lie---over receiving fellatio from an adult woman brought to D.C. by CIA-linked Republican right-wing extremist Oliver North at Linda Tripp's request so Tripp could have a book published.  This is what the adulterer disgraced Newt Gingrich's GOP-controlled House of Representatives decided was impeachable for the budget-balancing, $362B budget surplus building, problems-solving Bill Clinton.  Compare this to ongoing two-only (so far) Articles of Impeachment that already passed.  The House has indicted Donald Trump on two main levels to which Trump has confessed on Twitter and on camera---Using EXTORTION to bully a newly elected Ukrainian leader to BE CORRUPT and interfere in a U.S. election to benefit Trump's chances for reelection, and 100% obstruction of Congress.  The pathological lying, the abuses of power, the serial sexual predatory behaviors, the abuse of campaign funds, blatant witness tampering, bank fraud, daily violations of the Constitution's EMOLUMENTS CLAUSE meant to prevent U.S. Presidents from engaging in racketeering...none of these Trump-committed high crimes were included---just the two main treasonous acts to which Trump has admitted. One has to wonder if the GOP's CULT The Family is involved in addition to Putin's inner-circle Russian MAFIA spies.  America is in peril every single second this EDEN SNAKE ugly criminal is in our White House.  

    We, the people, can play a role in pushing the Senate Republicans to honor their Oath of Office---to "protect and defend the Constitution from ALL enemies, both domestic and foreign."  My state has two Republican Senators (at least until 2020's ouster in the election): Roy Blunt and the new Jason Smith.  We can LOBBY: write, call, e-mail, visit.  These GOP Senators would still have Mike Pence taking over, so what is in it for them to let spoiled-rotten corrupt to the very core mobbed-up incompetent lifts-wearing conman Trump get by with murder, figuratively and literally?  

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