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Why are the all the beauty and style sections sexist against males and bigoted against people who want to be unconventional?

I will ask a question about how to achieve a unisex style or what the section thinks about something unisex as myself (a male) and I will either not get any answers or get a few insulting ones. If I ask the same question pretending I am female user, with the same exact wording... I will get a decent amount of polite, productive, and sometimes informative answers.

It also seems that the only time that you can get any productive answers at all whatsoever is if you are asking about something contemporary, trendy, or current in the mainstream. If you are trying to do something which is not mainstream, current, and is unpopular then you will get a shitstorm of rather unintelligent, narrow minded individuals insulting you, insulting the style you are trying to achieve, and begging you to "please not do it, please!" as if their existence depends on it when they don't know you personally and have never seen you if you didn't post a picture alongside the question.

Why is the beauty and style section so utterly sexist and uninformative unless you pretend that you're a 15 year old girl who is trying to look like part of a clone army?



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    10 months ago
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    Because they are like the ******* Gestapo on here except their IQ levels aren't as high average and they are all too dimorphic, Italian, and Jewish to speak proper amounts of German.

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Because that is why most of them are on the internet trying to answer questions related to hair and clothes. Being a sexist bigot usually goes hand and hand with the other two things.

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