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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsSingles & Dating · 5 months ago

My bf got me a gift I dont want, how do I respond?

Hello, I got my boyfriend of one year an apple watch for Christmas because hes been talking about it and wanting one for a while. I gave it to him before Christmas so he had time to use it before it's too late to return it unless he wanted something else instead. Recently he tells me he wants to change it waaay after the return is possible. So I mention that I get him the new one he wants and taking the one he has now for myself. He accidentally spills at this moment that he got me one too and doesn't want to do that. Before this conversation we talked about things I wanted at the mall and stuff too, cheaper things infact. Well I get upset that he ruined the suprise but I also felt like it was lazy for him just to get me the same thing after he knew I got him this. I dont even wear watches and stuff, i dont really care for the tech aspect of it. I also dont want to lie and have him waste his money on something I dont want but I dont want to hurt him either. What should I do?

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  • 5 months ago
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    Oh, dear. The whole thing about Christmas presents is fraught with danger, isn't it? OK- first of all, he's a jerk for wanting to return the present you gave him. The new Apple watches aren't that much better than the previous versions. I know- I have one. Second, men really don't understand that women want something like a necklace so that when people comment on it, they can say "My boyfriend got me this." Finally- there used to be a rule about not buying anything expensive or personal for someone until you're engaged. There's a good reason for that- when you break up, feelings are harder if you spent a lot of money on them. Tell him you don't want the Apple watch. He can return it. Show him the controversy about the Peloton ad where a man gave his wife an exercise bicycle for Christmas

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      I don't mind getting him another one, this is why I gave it to him early after all. The price doesn't matter either and we are engaged lol. My main focus is that he got me a watch when I never wear things on my wrist after he knew i got him that watch. Like why get me this?

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  • Alan H
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    5 months ago

    If such trivia gets to you so badly, it is time to move on

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      It doesn't get to me badly? Is it wrong to ask others for input? Does it make me seem like I'm making a big deal if I ask others? This is why theres such a high divorce rate, everything is "move on" if it's not perfect. Such quitters, dont waste my time with **** advice please.

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  • 5 months ago

    Want a easy solution without anyone getting hurt?

    Accept the watch as a gift. Re-sell it for whatever it's worth. Writer a list of five things you want. Whatever money you get from the re-selling process, buy what you want.

    The gift is accepted, you get what you want. Everybody wins!

    If he ever asks you, tell him the truth, that you wanted something else and you got it. Otherwise, have the courage to tell him the truth NOW. You have a CHOICE.

    I can only offer you advice, the decision is ultimately yours. I hope you make the right decision for yourself.

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      I think I would get hurt if someone sold the gift they hot me without talking to me instead though

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