should I move to bay area or stay?

So I have some stressful and life changing good news.  My wife and I currently live in nova area and we just recently purchased a home.  We’re at a comfortable place right now.  She works as a software engineer and I am a federal engineer.

Just recently a very well known company in bay area made an offer to me that amounts to 210k in base+rsu+bonus. Basically twice my salary. I am split on this decision because my wife doesn’t want to leave her current job just yet (also a good employer) and I would have to, for the time being, be on my own.  We would also have to deal with renting/selling the house.  I understand her point of view since there is a lot of growth for her at this companies.  The same would apply for me in the bay area with this potential employer. Her employer will even cover her master’s degree.

Of course I am consulting with close family and friends but I would like to get the opinion of the community.  Please share your thoughts

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  • Sandy
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    11 months ago
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    sounds like a great opportunity. research the company. find out as much as you can about what they do. the bay area is expensive which is probably why the income is so high. check out the price of homes in the size you need in the area, the schools, crime etc. if the "bay area" is San Francisco that's Pelosi's balliwick, and the homeless are living in tent cities and defecating in the streets. Do your homework!! Don't let this be an emotional decision. good luck!

  • 11 months ago

    You wouldn't have to sell or rent the house. With a $210k base salary, you would be able to afford to have two homes. You could keep the house and use it as your vacation home.

  • Scott
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    11 months ago

    $210k in the Bay Area is probably equivalent to $100k in most other cities. Rent is extremely expensive and buying a house is out of reach for most. Unless you want to live in Stockton and commute to the city, you are probably better off where you're at.

  • 11 months ago

    Have you checked to see if you can afford a house in the bay area, even on 200k??  Everything is more expensive.  And the traffic is terrible.  

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  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    Consult with your wife, not everyone else.   There are two people in a marriage.  It's not Congress.

    There are pros and cons and only you and your wife can together make this decision.

    What's wrong with your current situation? 

    What happens if you move to SF and you lose your job?

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