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what is your assessment or summary of Yahoo's global warming section in 2019? No blocks. Question open to every body?

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    I like that the questions in 'Environment' are no longer monopolized with the emphasis that we are in a "climate crisis" or placing the blame on certain things or people. If everyone is completely honest then they would be blaming themselves. I agree pollution is not doing the Earth good, but that is an ongoing issue that humanity is still trying to resolve. No one wants to give up the luxuries they have which are Auto, Internet,City Water,Electricity,Fast Food/Restaurant,Entertainment,Toilets/Toilet Paper,disposible goods,Toys,Clothing,Devices, Cleaners, and plastic/paper to name a few; though you get the idea. If your on this platform than there is a good chance your not off the grid living green. Unless you have proof your a green and pure being that contributes in ways other than ranting, then I'm afraid your also a part of the problem. Shouting and throwing a tantrum about "climate change" is not doing any good, nor does it produce results. It induces tension and blame, not solutions or results.The fact is Earth is unpredictable, and is going to throw all types of curves and calamities that we are helpless to prevent.The population is growing and as such so does the need for more resources.The result of the climate now is no ones fault, nor do I see any immediate threats that humanity cannot handle.I only hear individuals fear mongering and spreading alarm on here. There have been threats or predictions since the 80's... Have we faced a major crisis? No. The answer is No. I have only seen those that spout this nonsense line their pockets nice and healthy from the misinformation. Thank you to those that have always provided the correct information, and have debated with users that try to spread "climate crisis" which those users now turn to name calling and bitter remarks. I like driving a fuel burning car, living in a home, and everything that modern society has to offer. I dont have time to plant a garden, a wish to install solar panels, dig a well for water, or buy an electric car that is not entirely reliable. Nor are those types of means affordable for most. We're all going down at one point, and there are far more pressing or worse concerns that can wipe out humanity then worrying over a hotter summer or colder winter. Down vote me all you want, just keep in mind you can't stop the way Earth has changed, presently is changing, and will continue to change.

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    I started posting in the summer, so I don't have context; however, I can say that it has been outstanding.

    Here is what I observed:

    1. Bot of paid alarmist trolls was dismantled.

    2. Paid alarmist trolling fully exposed.

    3. Trolls like Dirac and Here's Georgie exposed with sock accounts.

    4. Other paid trolls revealed, such as Elizabeth and Climate Realist.

    It remains to be seen if trolls like Darwinist and ArcticIce are paid. I actually can't confirm that, but they do vigorously defend paid trolls. They adamantly say there was no bot, but the bot code was right out in the open. Those scumbags will get their comeuppance.

    Conclusion: Yahoo Global Warming has been opened up like a breath of fresh air. Let's hope this continues in 2020.

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      Other good posters in 2019 are Catwhisperer, Mike, Bubba Gubbins, Kayleen R, Chester, Susie, Sally, Willy, DZE.

      apologies to anyone I missed

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